Эрдэм шинжилгээний төв

Research Centre

There are 9 academic staff specializing in the Archeology-anthropological sector and the History-ethnical sector. The academic staff consists of 2 doctors, 3 doctorate, 4 masters.

An annual national and international joint archaeological field assessment and excavation work is an important part of enriching museum collections. The museum currently operates 5 joint archaeological research projects with United States, South Korea, Germany, Chinese university and museum. We contributed to Mongolia's ancient history research by working on national research teams based on their own strengths.

As a result of the research, a number of articles have been published every year. Since 2008, the Museum Studies journal, which was created by the museum. "Nomadic Heritage Studies" has been branched from previous journal for academic direction.

The officers and staff of the museum organized first meetings and training of museum researchers in 2013 to provide professional and methodological assistance with scientific and research staff of local museums. It is planned to organize a multi-disciplinary workshop on institutionalizing the meetings of the museum staff.


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